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Paintings by Cecilia

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Cecilia Lea

Visual Arts

I can’t say “I wanted to be an artist since I was a child” - I hadn’t even thought about it, but over 30 years ago I was forced to take a weekend workshop by my employer. She gave me something that has consumed me ever since.
I enjoy painting landscapes, as I feel a strong connection to the mountains. I used to be an avid hiker, and explored my Canadian Rockies whenever I could. Now we live in beautiful Radium Hot Springs, and I am lucky to be close to them, and watch them daily.
My art has been described as a blend between photo realism, and impressionism. I love to en plein air paint. Capturing the light, and facing the elements keeps one on their toes, but is so rewarding.
Please enjoy my art work shown here. I’m pleased to talk with you on a piece if you’d like. It’s always a pleasure to talk about my art.

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