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Caro Ramonde

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Caro Ramonde

Visual Arts

Caro Ramonde is an Italo-Uruguayan conceptual artist specialized in oil painting inspired by nature, spirituality, climate change and current events. She’s also a Techspressionist.
She was born by the sea in the beautiful city of Montevideo, Uruguay.
Caro has been studying art in its diverse forms her whole life: fashion, interior and garden design, sculpture, and visual arts.
Caro traveled the world with her husband. They lived in Argentina for a few years. They also lived in Milan, Italy, where her oldest daughter was born. One year later they moved to Porto Alegre, Brazil, and later that year, Caro welcomed her youngest daughter in Montevideo, Uruguay. The family then moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where Caro studied Visual Arts with a specialization in painting at ABRA – Academia Brasileira de Arte.
A move to Mexico found Caro as part of an art collective.
Currently, after a year and a half self-quarantined at Vancouver, Caro is back in Italy attending the Milan and Florence Art Biennials.

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