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Prince Of Cavan

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Visual Arts

Originally from Ireland and often referred to as “Paddy Picasso”, Cai Nai started off with a huge interest in acrylic painting and street art, spending most of his free time during his school years devoted to the paint brush or spray can. After finishing high school he began travelling, learning about and experiencing different cultures and traditions taking a break from the studio for a while.

His comeback to art after being idle for some time came about in the form of digital art, more noticeably, tattoo art, graphic prints and custom designed stickers, believing creative self-expression to be vital positive impact on mental health. Recently enveloping himself in painting once again, he has begun developing his own unique style, incorporating aspects of his digital art, foundations in abstract and even lettering from graffiti, carving out his own mode of expression, taking inspiration from every day life and utilising recycled materials and reclaimed wood along with his homemade paint to create unique figurative pieces loaded with layers of personality.

His long term goal is to return to education and study here in Canada, in the hopes he can continue to create without boundaries and to build a career for himself within the art community.

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