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Brendan Langley

Visual Arts

Brendan is a North Vancouver based designer, illustrator and artist, who's latest project, AlpenglowPrints, is a series of atmospheric landscapes of iconic wilderness places across British Columbia and surrounding areas. Trained as a product designer, Brendan has evolved from that background to become a more broadly minded creator who tries to extend his range throughout a variety of mediums, projects and ventures in order to keep his fast-paced mind full of projects!

An individual with a passion for exploration, travel, and the natural world, Brendan combines his love of creation with the magnetism he feels towards the outdoors, and mountains in particular, to create this ongoing series of works. The majority of the pieces in the AlpenglowPrints catalog depict places and views personally visited and documented for later reproduction by the artist. AlpenglowPrints seeks to add permanence to the moments of fleeting beauty that can be experienced in the mountains.

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