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Bhoomika Dewangan

Visual Arts

Born in India, Bhoomika Dewangan grew up watching her grandparents making colorful sculptures and those beautiful colors inspired her at an early age to strive for creativity. She is a self taught artist, she used to sketch during her studies and participated in various creative workshops in her childhood. After completing her graduation in Computer science, she realized that she has developed a great passion towards arts. Surrey, Canada, is where Bhoomika currently lives with her husband and she has exhibited her work in various exhibitions in Canada.

Bhoomika’s art is full of abstractions but also reveals imagery suggestive of something more established and concrete as it allows her to freely communicate visually without the constraint of forms found in objective reality. Bhoomika Dewangan is mainly focused on making figuratives, florals and abstract artworks with Acrylic and Oil mediums. Nature’s forms and human emotions are major source of inspiration in Bhoomika’s art and she works towards developing paintings that speak both to her and to others about the beauty that exists around us. She concentrates on being good at both realism and abstract arts and loves to experiment with colors, ideas and techniques. For her, art is a spark that sets her in motion and inspires her to create something new every day.

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