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BBeautiful Felt Pen Art

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Beth Belcourt

Visual Arts

I grew up in southern Alberta in a time when it was expected that children played outside. We made our own fun and explored our neighborhoods. I was fascinated by nature and was very curious about animals and insects. I spent many hours collecting frogs & grasshoppers, picking up snakes (if I could catch them!) and generally learning everything I could about animals. I began drawing at an early age and coloring in my many coloring books. As I grew up paint-by-numbers & coloring doodle art posters became my new obsession. After high school I began experimenting with a remembered assignment from my grade 4 teacher. He encouraged us to use our imaginations and "finish the picture" he started by drawing a single black line on our papers. I was hooked! I used this method for many years creating shapes and abstract images that were unlike anything I had ever seen before. I use bold black lines and bright vivid colors to create what I see in my mind, always something to do with animals or the natural world. I work on heavy paper and use a variety of markers to color in my pictures. I then use my originals as a template to create prints, cards, magnets, and other products that are perfect for gift giving.
They say coloring relieves stress and they're right! I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it..... Peace & Blessings

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