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Bailey B

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Bailey Bachinsky

Visual Arts

Originally from Manitoba, I moved to Vancouver for the second time in 2014 from Canmore AB (first time being 2008-2010). After going back to school in 2015 at the age of 29 to become a Mental Health Worker, I started working as a casual where I first discovered painting while working 5 weeks of overnight shifts in December 2016. Ever since then I’ve taught myself, discovering new tricks and techniques with every painting I do. I am a devoted lover of rock & heavy metal music which is a big influence on my love of skulls and my interest in making something as scary or off putting as death more beautiful and feminine. I have also recently started branching out into animals and pet portraits and I’m always looking to try new styles and subjects because you’ll never discover new passions sticking to what’s simply in your comfort zone.

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