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Balance and Harmony in Art

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Adrienne Herbert

Visual Arts

As a Artist I work from my heart to create abstract art reminiscent of geodes and ocean beach themes. I do a lot of research online looking at different geodes or beach scenes for colour balance .
My pieces will bring you balance and harmony in your home. Each piece of art I make is full of positive energy. I use Reiki on each piece with crystals . In today’s world we need more positive Energy being bought into our lives. I love looking for different crystals for each of my pieces and building my art piece . I have started a healing line of jewelry and reiki art with crystals.
I work with resin , pigments and special resin pigments and all forms of crystals . Crystals are thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing .

My Instagram account is @balanceandharmonyinart. Let me know if you are interested in a custom painting or you like something you see

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