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Aatmaya is the story of mind, body and soul written in the form of handmade Crystal Jewelry, Spiritual Accessories, and Energetic Healing. Unique designs uncommon to the human eye; every piece is a tribute to beauty, individuality, music and dance, and are designed to lift one’s soul into the eternal light.

Derived from the Sinhalese term for "soul", Aatmaya is a strong representation of both the masculine and feminine energies, heralding the message of organic and holistic living through every product and encouraging every customer to lead a conscious lifestyle.

Aatmaya is a journey of our own handwritten Crystal Chronicles. Our Aatma Jewels present Exclusive Crystal Journeys, Soulful Living showcases a range of Spiritual Home Essences and finally, our workshops and private Crystal Healing sessions hope to gently steer the world towards Energetic Healing and genuine energy exchange.

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