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Verna Brown

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Verna Brown

Visual Arts

Verna Brown is a self-taught artist living in Langley BC.

Though never formally trained, she has explored a variety of mediums starting at a young age and continues to enjoy doing so. Her preference now is to paint with acrylic creating bold colourful paintings of wildlife and custom pet portraits. She also works with ink using watercolour techniques. Her style in both mediums is widely ranged from realism to abstract and her subjects from animals to people.

Presently, Verna is focussing on rendering a series of paintings featuring local B.C. wildlife. This body of work will combine her ability to paint realism, her intuitive style and her love of the colours used in her custom pet portraits.

Her largest body of work, started in 2017, has been the over 300 custom pet portraits, each of which have seen partial proceeds donated to animal charities across the Fraser Valley. She chooses the colours based on the stories that their owner’s send her. She likes to say that she paints personalities, not pets. Because of this ideal, no two pet portraits have ever been the same, regardless of breed.

Artist Statement:

I paint to be happy. I use wild colours and wild lines. My greatest satisfaction is seeing a smile come over a viewer’s face when they take in my work.

One of the reasons I mostly paint animals is because they do indeed make us smile and make us happy, unconditionally. Wild and domestic. Add to that the colours, well then you have a happy hit. A piece of art that lights you up when you walk into its room. That is my goal. Art that makes you feel good.

I also want to paint every subject using all the mediums and put all the creations on every surface, so now and then, you may see a piece that doesn’t look like my ‘usual’ style. I’m not trying to confuse you, I promise. Like life, I just enjoy trying new things and being creative. I completely encourage others to do the same.

“Do What You Love”


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