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Susan Feniak Art

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Susan Feniak

visual arts

Greetings from Susan Feniak. I am an artist from Salmon Arm. In the summer months you will find me on our houseboat in Sicamous.

I paint because I love to. That makes for a rather short statement about myself but it is my truth.
I use my vivid imagination to create animals and birds that smile at you and whimsical nautical scenes that invariably include a lighthouse or a boat or two. Occasionally a landscape or flowers will appear on my canvas or paper. Whatever mood hits and wherever my imagination takes me.

I am a self taught artist who has persevered to become better at what I enjoy doing most. My tools are basic, watercolors and ink or acrylics, paper and or canvas.

If my art makes you smile then I have succeeded in my quest to make this world a brighter happier place.

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