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Princess Shredder

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Sharai Mustatia aka princess shredder is a Métis, Cree, Romanian film photographer who was born into a life of trauma. It has been a long road travelled, through hard emotional work and the innate belief in themself that kept sharai going and striving for a more peaceful existence. Although sharai has always been snapping film photos for as long as they can recall, it was a trip to NYC in 2012 where sharai realized a talent and passion for street photography. What sharai wasn't expecting, was to find one of the greatest tools they had ever used before, for coping with complex post traumatic stress. It was upon seeing some of their own photos that sharai found a better sense of their belonging and connectedness to this world. In each instance of being way out of their comfort zone, it has been film photography that got sharai through the chaos.

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