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Rosie Harris


Rosie Harris is a Vancouver Island based artist who fell in love with the art of metal work upon first introduction to the craft. She primarily works in sterling silver, sometimes adding gold plating, enamel and/or gemstones to her work, and loves to play with texture and light as well.
A lover of recreation and the outdoors; She is continuously inspired by exploring the beautiful west coast where she enjoys spending time with her family.
With jewelry there is often a relationship between wearer and object. Sometimes it is sentimental; a piece of jewelry can signify a moment and it can inspire feelings of nostalgia. With this in mind, Rosie seeks to create mindful jewellery to reflect the simple joys in life and to connect the wearer to their favourite places and moments.

She completed three years at Vancouver Community College, where she received her diploma in Jewelry Art and Design and an award for best design for her water inspired jewelry display.
And 16 years late, she is still designing and creating water inspired jewelry. Her signature water design can be seen throughout many of her pieces, some more subtle than others.
Joie is the French noun for joy, meaning a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

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