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Lisa Farrell Art

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Lisa Farrell

Visual Arts

Life is intricate, multi-layered, and often has complexities beneath a presented first impression. I seek to explore, reveal and simplify these complexities through my multi-media abstract art. I like to work on cradled wood boards so I can add multiple layers of collage or push and scrape into the surface knowing the structure will support what I do. I build up each piece over time, continuing to add layers with acrylic paint, ink, pencil, markers, collage, and pouring mediums until the final piece reveals itself. Once revealed, I invite the viewer to explore by digging into the layers which are intended to keep the eye, and the mind, moving deeper. I encourage everyone to keep exploring, as every experience moves us towards whom we are today.

My degree in Psychology, my work in Interior Design and my love of travel have each played an integral part in the art I create. I purposefully integrate elements of design such as colour, shape, texture, form, and line to create balance, tension and harmony. I also reflect on how each of these elements affects the viewer on an emotional level as I create.

My work consistently draws from the relationships between our fascinating world and its people. I grew up in Ontario, then landed permanently in Vancouver after several years of living out of a backpack travelling in Australasia, East and South-East Asia. I also spent several years living and working in London, England and taking trips throughout Europe and Africa any chance I could. I continue to travel at every opportunity and I draw ideas from experiencing new places and cultures. I strive to create simplicity and balance in my art and my life in Vancouver with my husband and 3 boys.

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