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Linda Yurgensen Fine Art

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Linda Yurgensen

Visual Arts

Linda was born in Nova Scotia into an artistic family (her father is a painter) and knew from an early age that that art would play a major role in her life. Linda painted until early adulthood when life suddenly got very busy with a career, marriage and children. During this time painting took a back seat and it was not until just 10 years ago that Linda once again felt the nearly overwhelming need to pick up a paint brush to paint. Now living on Vancouver Island she finds endless inspiration in the natural landscape. The diversity and beauty that she sees in her surroundings fuels a strong desire for her to express and capture some of this beauty on canvas. In her home studio she paints colorful landscapes in oil, her medium of choice. The ability to manipulate the thick, juicy paint with a brush or knife to create texture and movement on the canvas is what attracts her to this challenging medium. Bold, saturated color and energetic marks on the canvas help to express the pure joy she feels when she is painting the landscape.

Linda’s work has been included in many private collections throughout Canada and the United States and her work and painting process is part of a book entitled “The Art of Painting in Acrylic” published by Walter Foster in 2014. Linda was elected into the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2017 and is a member of various art associations on Vancouver Island.

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