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Artist Linda Morris

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Linda Morris

Visual Arts

I began my artistic journey when my father passed away, and as I used this wonderful form of therapy, something wonderful started to happen.I actually got compliments on my artwork, and this gave me a boost, that I really needed at the time.

I found I could enter another world when I painted, letting my mind and imagination take over and released all the stress and troubles which floated away, like a leaf in the river.

As I took several classes, I found I loved the challenge each instructor gave me, and I rose to the challenge.I’m at a crossroads now, as my style has changed slightly, becoming more loose and not being afraid of using bold, bright colours.These colours uplift me and just make me feel good, I hope they do the same for everyone who looks at my artwork.

I have recently been accepted into the Federation of Canadian Artist, which is a big step for me and my career as an artist.

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