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The Blacksmith Jeweller-Mixed Media

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Ken and Silvia McIntosh

Visual Arts

The term blacksmith refers back to a time when hand craftsmanship was all there was. Metal, Stone and Glass workers helped to improve our quality of life. We try to honour that history as we create one of a kind pieces of wearable art, often called "jewellery". A "team", in our case a husband and wife team, bring together organizational skills as well as design and creative skills.

Our desire is to create jewellery that will last a lifetime and give the owner a sense of well being wearing something they can be proud of. As we combine and grow in our individual talents our understanding of the materials expands.

The better we understand the media we are working with, the more we can push its limits and the more creative we can be. The glass is worked in a torch or fused in a kiln to make beads. Different types of glass can make glass designs that are reflective or look like a painting.

The metal work, mostly precious metals, can stand on its own or be used to hold and enhance the glass. We like to think of our work as wearable art

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