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Bold Strokes Studio

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Kelly Langham

Visual Arts

Kelly Langham is a Non-Binary emerging artist who lives and creates with much gratitude on the traditional unseeded lands of the Lekwungen Peoples (Victoria BC). They are a self-taught, intuitive abstract painter who’s work is entirely based on the emotional and somatic experience of movement and expression through paint. They typically work with acrylic on canvas or wood, with the occasional mixed media piece coming through. Kelly is inspired by nature, the coast, marine life, drag performers, and the human form. The palette’s they choose to work with may often be unexpected. Each piece is a view into Kelly’s soul in the moment they put paint to canvas. When they paint they allow whatever is within to come out, be it exploration, intuition, curiosity or emotions big and small. Kelly trusts their movements and choices in the present moment to express what is inside working with only a lose idea for direction and allowing mystery and magic to emerge organically on the canvas. They like to leave space for surprises, allowing muse/spirit/subconscious to tell them something, and inform the flow of the visual story.

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