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Cliff Nietvelt Photography

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Cliff Nietvelt


Cliff was born and raised in southern Ontario. His interest in the natural world began at an early age, when his family took trips to cottage country in central Ontario Canada. His interests prompted him to pursue a career as a wildlife ecologist, and to develop a passion for photography. When he moved to the Canadian Rockies and then onto Jackson Wyoming, he had an endless supply of wildlife and landscape to photograph. He now resides in southwestern British Columbia, which provides him with access to many beautiful landscapes and a wide variety of wildlife to photograph. He travels as much as he can, and is inspired by the nature and cultures that he discovers along the way.

His work has been featured in Canadian Geographic, Tourism Saskatchewan (calendar and promotional materials), the Toronto Star, the Canadian Museum of Nature and in homes across North America.

Please check out his full website at, and his Etsy sites NatureAsInspiration and CurbsAndStreets.

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