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Carlos A3 Art

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Carlos Arredondo

Visual Arts

I started to create art when I was 15 years old. My creations were more inclined to pop and urban art using the airbrush technique. Selling my creations and making murals were one of the ways I could it make it through school.

I became Engineer and creating art was put on hold for a while. After time working hardly, I realized that art is one of my passion and decided to retake this beautiful activity.

Art allows me to see the world in different perspectives. Creating through my paintings gives me satisfaction and accomplishment. Every piece I create have a bit of my soul and my heart. The results in my paintings can portrait the conjunction of my objective side of my brain with the subjective side of my heart and soul.

Each painting is hand crafted by manipulating layers of different medias and using different techniques. I would like to say that I know what the result would be, but that is not really my case, I just let the paint, the canvas, the brushes and the knifes to speak on behalf of my soul and mind.

I find so much love and beauty in life, I hope you can find it as well in my pieces…

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