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Candice Perry

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Candice Perry

Visual Arts

I've been an artist since I was born, my grandfather taught me how to draw when I was very young. At 13 years old I enrolled in an oil painting class at the local arts centre. I started with landscapes, but loved to draw portraits and also started painting them, in oil. By college I was doing commissioned paintings and drawings while attending Kwantlen Polytechnic University. First in Graphic Design and later in Fine Arts.
It was there that I discovered Printmaking, and loved it, particularly Drypoint Etching, a form of intaglio where the artist draws onto a plate (plexiglas or copper) with a sharp point. The drypoint creates a slightly raised ragged edge to the lines, known as the burr. When the ink that has been applied to the plate is wiped, the incised line and the burr recieve extra ink giving the printed line a distinctive velvety look.
After Kwantlen, and for a time I joined The Malaspina Printmakers Society, The South Delta Artist Guild, The Fort Langley Artists Group and The Surrey Art Gallery Gift Shop.
I also started teaching painting (acrylic and oil) and drawing at The Neighbourhood Art Studios in Langley which I still teach presently.
For the past couple of years I've been studying tattooing, and also have a love of painting and drawing, printmaking and illustration.

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