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Altar Apothecary

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Amber Chesterton


The assemblage of these bundles and apothecaries has become a meditation for me that I put my entire heart and soul into. Hoping to bring all the Positivity, Abundance and Love vibes to all that are attracted to these "Floral and Stone" creations.

A little insight on me:
My name is Amber Chesterton. I grew up in a family that was very "new age spiritual". I spent many hours with my mother visiting metaphysical stores and Energy Workers. I am no stranger to having a deck of Tarot cards and a bowl of Crystals on the coffee table. Although I did not appreciate it fully at the time, I realized later in life that it was part of who I am.

I recently discovered Palo Santo and was immediately attracted the the ritual of its use. The scent of it before and while burning, puts me immediately at ease and is a big component of my self-care practice.

Initially making the bundles for my own personal use has evolved into offering to others for gifts, home decor and energetic practices.

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