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2nd Annual Charity Art Auction_PACIFIC_A

2nd Annual Charity Art Auction 2019

We cordially invite you & your friends,

Mark this event on your calendar. Saturday, Oct 26th, 4:00 - 9:00 pm

Date: Saturday, Oct 26th  

Time: 4pm - 9pm

Place: Pacific Arts Market (Get directions)

Featuring the work of over 50 local artists and craft artisans. You will have the opportunity to bid on fine arts, jewelry, and gift baskets with a portion of the proceeds going to North Shore Women's Centre.

Woman Painting
Guitar Close Up

Meet the Artists

Live Music

Wine Toasting

Wine and Appies

See The Art (to be updated shortly)

Scroll through the online gallery.  Over 40 artists and craft artisans.  You gotta check it out!  (More to come)

Jenn Pitre.jpg
Vintage Rose Collection

By Urban Princess Designs

Luxury silver earrings and vintage chain


Starting bid: $60

Value: $250

Starfish Starfish.jpg
Starfish Starfish

By Margaret Bremner

Pen-and-ink Framed 

8 x 8 Inches


Starting bid: $50

Value: $115

Colorful Ecstasy - Original. Catalogue P
Colorful Ecstasy

By Joseph P. Ghabi

Acrylic on Canvas 


Starting bid: $100

Value: $400

Vancouver In The Fog

By Graham Watts

Mix media

Starting bid: $60

Value: $200

Maja Maglajlic.jpg
Astral Birth 1&2

By Maja Maglajlic

Alcohol ink on yopo paper framed

16 x 13 Inches

Starting bid: $215

Value: $376

Racing the Storm

By Nicole Barrette

Oil on canvas

12  x 18 Inches

Starting bid: $65

Value: $250

Yokai Sticker Collection.jpg
Zine and Fantasy Creature Commission Slot

By SamKalensky

Complete Collection 


Starting bid: $150

Value: $450

Happylee Collection

By Happylee 

2 x Beanies & scarves hand crocheted 100% acrylic


Starting bid: $50

Value: $120

Donelle Clarke.jpg
Statement Earrings

By Donelle Clarke

Pure silver and detailed with 24K gold

Starting bid: $83

Value: $330

Gaby Mayer.jpg
Shattered Windows

By Gaby Mayer

Acrylic on canvas

20 x 24 Inches

Starting bid: $120

Value: $400

Aatmaya's Soul Pack

By Shiri Perera

Premium gift basket

Starting bid: $50

Value: $150

Modern Selfie framed copy.jpg
Modern Selfie

By Joanne Taylor

Watercolour framed

14 x 17.5 Inches

Starting bid: $180

Value: $380

Dave Righton.jpg
Everything Ends Up Somewhere

By Dave Righton

Framed Print

Starting bid: $60

Value: $145

Artist Minay.jpg
Jewelled Flower

By Minay 

Acrylic on Canvas

24 X 18 inches


Starting bid: $290

Value: $630

Who Lives in the Yellow House

By Elena Marin

Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas

18x20 inches

Starting bid: $150

Value: $600

Beach Still Life

By Glenn Hesse


Starting bid: $100

Value: $200

Vessel Pendant - Front - Calido Art Glas
Vessel Pendant

By Susan Otto-Bain

One of a kind handmade mini vessel


Starting bid: $50

Value: $95


By Julia Masuda

Acrylic paint on heavy mix media paper

18 x 24 Inches

Starting bid: $100

Value: $400

plum platter.jpeg
Live Edge Purple Plum Platter

By MDM Metal and Wood

Cutting Board

18 Inch Diameter 


Starting bid: $50

Value: $200

Gabriela Englmaier.jpg
Druzy Set

By: yMova Design

Earrings $190.00; Necklace- $150.00

Starting bid: $85

Value: $340

golden peacock.jpg
Golden Peacock

By Sneha Desai

Acrylic on canvas framed 


Starting bid: $450

Value: $750

Mitchell Peters.jpg
North Van Sailing

By Mitchell Peters

Pointillism and paint on Basswood

Starting bid: $85

Value: $395

Reveries Oil on Canvas 24x18 Framed.JPG

By Philippe

Oil on canvas

24 x 24 Inches

Starting bid: $380

Value: $1,150

Nevermindthe Bollocks 1.jpg
Never Mind the Bollocks

By Andrew Jennings


Wall hanging, Macrame using wool. Topped with a Air Plant

Starting bid: $100

Value: $350

Beba Collective 

By Beba Collective 

Framed print

22 x 28 Inches


Starting bid: $100

Value: $270

Joanne Wendell.jpg
Luxe Collection

By Meadowfoam Products

4 luxury eco coconut wax candles


Starting bid: $75

Value: $240

Peacock 3-2 copy.jpg

By Michelle Fedosoff

24 X 16 inches


Starting bid: $75

Value: $250

David Saltzman.jpg
Tree of Life

By Yvettes Glass Art

24 X 24 inches


Starting bid: $150

Value: $350

SING Ghost Birds No. 3.jpg

By Corinne Palmer

Acrylic on canvas

16  x 16  inches

Starting bid: $115

Value: $450

thumbnail_IMG_20191001_203917 (2).jpg

By Beth Belcourt

Print framed

20 x 24 Inches

Starting bid: $75

Value: $225

Elizabeth Austin.jpeg
Port Renfrew Tide

By Elizabeth Austin

acrylic on canvas

16 x 20 inches

Starting bid: $100

Value: $380

harvest5 auction.jpg
Harvest bounty

Davis Bay Tea Co

Premium Gift Basket

Starting bid: $50

Value: $185

Into the Bay, Again and Again.jpeg
Into the Bay, Again and Again

By Gary Nay

Framed Limited Edition Print

Starting bid: $50

Value: $175

Summer Bloom

By Katie Rodgers 

Acrylic on canvas

24 x 24 Inches

Starting bid: $85

Value: $350

Mindy Hardiman.JPG

By Mindy Hardiman

Textured Acrylic

24 x 24 Inches

Starting bid: $150

Value: $475

2the power of knowledge.jpeg
The Power of Knowledge

By Germinal Cinti

Acrylic & oil on canvas

48 x36 inches

Starting bid: $800

Value: $1,600

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