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Wetland Feast

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Wetland Feast – An original 16x20” pastel painting by artist Kevin Orr. “If you’ve ever seen a moose in real life, you can’t help but be struck by their size and beauty. With this piece I wanted to emphasize the power of the moose. The giant splash as the moose comes up with a mouthful of food is a spectacle. My goal was to capture this event in my painting.” - Painted by Alberta artist Kevin Orr. - Highest quality archival pastels on highest quality pastel paper. - Professionally handmade. - Colours may vary depending on computer monitor settings. - Unframed: This piece is shown within a frame but is NOT sent within a frame in the mail. In order to hang on a wall, pastel artwork needs to be placed behind glass within a frame. Sending a frame in the mail not only risks damaging the frame, but broken glass could seriously damage the painting. - Framing: Because of the standard size of the painting, this piece can easily be framed at an affordable price by purchasing a frame locally from Michaels. Details on how to frame this painting are provided by Kevin. - This painting can also be professionally framed by a local art framer.
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