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Sam Millard

Millard was born in the United Kingdom in 1985 and immigrated to Canada in 2008. She likes to think she possesses the best of both worlds; English humour, sarcasm and tolerance for inclement weather as well as Canadian kindness, sense of adventure and a mild obsession of maple syrup. Millards experiences of the UK and Canada are often reflected in her work; her artistic style began developing in her birth country and the content of her current work shows her love for her adopted country. She studied art at Long Road College in Cambridge, UK, and has obtained further knowledge through the school of life experience. At Long Road, she discovered magic and movement in works of cubism and futurism. These gave her a starting point for her complex artistic style development. She draws inspiration from many other influences as well; freedom, peace, tranquility, geometry, nature, cosmology, calm, harmony, music, energy, adventure, connection, mystery, the unknown, spontaneity, astrophysics, laughter, cold crisp air, light quality, and the list goes on and on and on……… Through this style, she likes to surprise the viewer and keep them engaged with the artwork for more than a glance. She believes art should bring joy and encourages observers to discover the unexpected, and connect them to the beauty and opportunities in day to day life and the world around them.
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