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Orca Strait

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Artist: Signe Kathryn Knutson, PsychoActivist Studios -
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas
These powerful orcas are travelling in what is now called Burrard Strait. Inspired by the increase in wild animals in urban areas in the early stages of lockdown quarantines in 2020, including orcas swimming into Vancouver, Signe painted this series. This is the first painting in a series that is now comprised of over 20 paintings. Envisioning a time where the water level is high, no beaches are apparent and neither are human constructs. This enable us to see the orcas at their true apex status. The reflections on the water are especially clear and poignant in this painting, which has glow-in-the-dark and blacklight reactive elements as well. Orcas are an example of that purity of apex predator mammal that exudes both peacefulness and serenity while holding a deep power and strength. This, the artist believes, is the right combination of qualities for environmental activism - peace and power. So, in these paintings we look at creatures that at the same time are at-risk due to human activity and could eat us in 2 bites if they really wanted to (though orcas, unless threatened or under duress are not aggressive towards humans). This painting pairs especially well with "Pod" (003) which has similar scenery, colours and could easily be displayed together with it, bringing a serene, peaceful beauty to a room while also displaying a graceful power.

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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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