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Olivier Salvas

Olivier Salvas is an artist and educator who specializes in arts education and the maker movement in a second language setting. Originally from Montreal, QC, Olivier moved to Vancouver, British-Columbia shortly after completing his Bachelors of Education in Teaching French as a Second Language from University of Montreal. As he embarked in his Graduate Studies in Media Studies and Curriculum at the University of British-Columbia, Olivier merged his two passions of artist and educator and he began to create artistic work based on educational research. Olivier uses abstract paintings, photography and various media to bring light to social causes and to foster conversations about identity and arts education. When Olivier begins an artistic collection based on his findings, he thinks of a topic in the world that resonates with him. Then, he creates a story with this event and he creates a main character. He asks,”What would this character do, think, or say?”. Subsequently, Olivier pairs up with a photographer to create a visual story, which inspires him for the the direction he wants to take artistically with his message. Olivier was chosen an ambassador for the the Canadian Culture Days 2019, representing British-Columbia. In 2019, Olivier had his first solo exhibition called “Rebel with a Cause” that was showcased over athree month period in Vancouver. Olivier has collaborating with Vancouver Biennale as an educator for the Big Ideas in Schools project since 2015. Olivier continues to create and to participate in Professional Development opportunities for educators and in events to support artists and children of all ages. You can frequently catch Olivier in the medias, speaking about education or supporting LGBTQ2S+ causes across Canada.

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