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Legislature Contours

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Artist: By Aven Morken (Aven Morken Art) -
Medium: Water Colour
Painting is on 8.75" x 12" archival watercolor paper, framed in white. Over a century old, The Alberta Legislature Building is both the center of democracy in the province, and a cornerstone of Edmonton's Architecture. The gardens surrounding the building make the perfect plein-air setting to paint from. Painted by Aven Morken in 2019 with watercolor, using a limited color palette of phthalo, aureolun, viridian, and cadmium dark. The exquisite outline of the legislature building draws my attention when I gaze out at the Edmonton skyline. My eye constantly seeks out the Legislature building's familiar forms and contours. I selected this vantage point to highlight the many roofline layers and depth that the building has. Painted by Aven Morken in 2019 with watercolor.

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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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