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Journey of Non-dual Embrace

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Artist: Christina Mayhew (Out of the Ashes) -
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
I have created a piece with two opposing colours, blue and orange, come crashing together to create something that is not one or the other but both, despite their differences. It creates a visual for the painful journey that has shown me that opposing things can be real and true. This has made known a new way of seeing everything and has given me a new understanding of being nothing and everything simultaneously; a beautifully freeing thing. This new peace and freedom has lifted the burden religion placed on me. This process occurred due to my immature faith crumbling apart as I tried desperately to hold it together. I lived in denial of this, fearing what I would find if I dared to look at what was no longer left of me. Yet, everything that I had once been taught had completed its job, and no longer had a place in my life. It was allowed to return to ashes. My doubts transitioned into something I didn’t understand. They opened the door for me to see, to truly see as I believe all humans were designed to see, not with the eyes or even the heart but with something radically different. Few have it, and those who claim to see it are the ones who don’t, for they are not capable. It is those who know nothing that may grasp its greatness. Some might call this new view faith, but it was considerably different from what faith is believed to be, for it had nothing to do with correct information or beliefs. In fact, it questioned the very existence of religion and what religion has deemed to be faith. It enabled me to let go of these things and enter into a dark, confusing time where the very soul feels ravaged. Everything of value falls apart into an image that contains pieces of another life. Had I not accepted these doubts, I would have never moved into a new awareness of all that was meant for humanity and yet remains unseen. Within this image is a young woman with her face lifted upward and her arms outstretched in a liberating dance of joy. She has come to a new place where the opposing things become one large embrace, where they dance together mysteriously. As one, they are not separate, and yet each remains distinct. And she remains within the folds of the non-dual embrace. 36"x24"x 3/4"
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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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