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Bear Glacier - Stewart Cassiar Highway

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Artist: Cecilia Lea - Paintings by Cecilia -
Medium: Acrylic on deep gallery wrapped canvas.
Bear Glacier - Stewart Cassiar Highway My goal as an artist is to create memories and Bear Glacier was the perfect example to paint. When I first saw this magnificent glacier in 2013, it filled the valley it snakes down. Nine years later the ice is far less than it was, its’ depth less, and the width seems to be halved. This emphasized how hard climate change has hit us in British Columbia. To see our glaciers disappearing is scary indeed. They give us not only beauty, but they are the source of our water. I’ve captured this one at this stage of its’ leaving our planet. I wonder what it will look like if I have the pleasure of seeing it again. This 16x20x1.5 inch piece is done on gallery wrapped canvas. The hardware is in place so it’s ready to hang when it arrives.
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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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