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‘Wolf Mage’ charm - silver pendant. BY ORDER ONLY. Personalization Ok.

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Artist: elfinwoods11am Art Jewelry by Zedar Thokme-
Medium: 0.99% pure silver + Labradorite + polymer + brass wire.
The 'Wolf Mage' is for me a work of creative expression, an art form. I like to work when inspiration beckons. The Mage has always symbolized the wisdom of occult science, and the 'wolf' symbolizes intuition - call of the wild - harmonized by the mage. The symbols are nested in ancient roots, symbolizing growth in wisdom. As with most art forms with magical characters - at some point, the magician wearing a hood seems to have sculpted himself, and took on a life of its own. (** If you prefer a raven, horse, or other animals, instead of a wolf. DM me. *) Hand sculpted by Order only - you are seeing here my first sample. Please factor in time for making to order. To preserve Limited Edition: there will be only 33 pieces in the world made to order. Some personalization possible, such as male or woman magician/wizard, type of animal, gemstone, name or mini quote on the back of jewelry, please DM as there may be some adjustment to the pricing. Materials: all brand new. Mage & Wolf: 0.99% pure silver (kiln-fired) + patina. Gemstone: Labradorite. Wire wrapped antique brass & silver color. Backing: polymer (baked) Comes with round, leather-coloured cord (choices are leather or black - pls state) Height: 5 cm Width: 5.3 cm Thickest point: 2 cm (close approximations) . Weight: 44 grams. Note: I recycle fine candy cans as packaging. #silverpendant #silverjewelry925 #victoriabcart #wolf #elfae #jewelrygifts #jewelryart #fandomart #collectorsedition #westcoastart #paganwicca #giftideas2022 #zodiacgifts
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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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