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‘Hearts Bled United Lovers Alcove’ PRIDE, LGBTQ silver pendant. Hand sculpted.

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Artist: Zedar's Elfinwoods - Zedar Thokme -
Medium: 0.99% pure silver + emerald (lab gem) + polymer embellishment.
MAKE: PRIDE LGBTQ2+, 0.99% pure Silver pendant + emerald( lab), embellishment. Dimensions: height: 5.2 cm; width: 3.2 cm; thickness: 1 cm. Weight: 68 grams. DESIGN: 'Hearts Bled United Lover's Alcove' is inspired by a photo from @EvansChildFitness. They were such a lovely, loving couple that brought new meaning to Pride love, and I just had to create something. The 'lover's kiss' is all 0.99 Precious Metal (pure silver)/PMC. I wanted to show warmth and a safe embrace so I decided on the 'alcove' design. The silver is kiln-fired, and the clay oven-baked. Set in with an Emerald (lab gemstone: radiant, octagon 4X6 mm) This one is sold as shown. Personalization is available for 'by order'. Message me. :) Note: I recycle fine candy cans as packaging. #lgbtq #2slgbtq #nonbinary #androgyn #lesbians #gay
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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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