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Van Isle Goddess

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Photography by Roanne

Photography is a true expression of my spirit and my surroundings. To capture the moment. Nature, plants, animals, sky and water are what I really love to photograph on a daily basis.

I never plan a trip just to photograph something.  I prefer to just hit the road or walk the beach and see what comes my way and I usually am never disappointed.

My photography has taken me to the world of fashion opening a new door of creativity. Using my images I have placed them my own unique line of ladies apparel and home decor that I call Van Isle Goddess.  

Walking on the beaches beach combing I have collected some amazing seashells and create beautiful natural seashell jewelry from the shores of Vancouver Island.  

We add real freshwater pearls, sea glass, and gemstones to the shells to make them a one of kind pendant, earring, or anklet.  A perfect touch to a beach wedding or a gift for a treasure they will keep forever.

I travel Vancouver Island and the surrounding Islands extensively seeking out in nature what others may not see or have the opportunity to see. This incredible Island I call home offers so many opportunities to photograph and I love every minute of it!

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Let my images lift your spirit and inspire you.


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