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Olivier Salvas

Visual Arts

Oli is a reporter for the show OutlookTV on OutTV and he uses this platform to showcase the LGBTQ2s+ artists and activists across Canada, reporting stories mainly from Vancouver and Montreal. Oli was chosen an ambassador for the the Canadian Culture Days 2019, representing British-Columbia. Being chosen as a Culture Days ambassador, Oli had the opportunity to work with Paul Wong as a mentee. In 2019, Oli had his first solo exhibition called “Rebel with a Cause” that was showcased over a three month period in Vancouver. Oli’s work and projects were also showcased in many festivals and touring exhibitions such as the QAF Pride in Arts community showcase in Vancouver and in galleries in Montreal. As as educator, Oli wrote publications for education magazines and they published a book and he has lead workshops about SOGIE education. Oli has also been collaborating with Vancouver Biennale as an educator since 2015 for the Big Ideas in Schools project and he was a guest speaker in a conference with the commissioner of the official languages of Canada. Recently, Oli created his new collection PAINT while quarantining at home and he is very excited to bring it to the Pacific Arts Market this Summer!

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