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Art by Nichelle

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Nichelle Schulz

Visual Arts

My interest in art started with comic books. I have been an avid collector as far back as I can remember, and in 2005 I completed my comic book design certificate from Vancouver Film School. While drawing comics was a fun outlet, it never became a strong passion of mine, so I continued to dabble in other art styles. I’ve tried my hand at photography, acrylics, mixed media and more before taking a five week watercolour course in early 2016. I loved it so much that I took the same course again right after, to help learn as much from my instructor as I could, and since then I’ve learned everything else on my own or from resources like YouTube or Instagram. Watercolour has become a passion of mine, and I've recently started playing more with gouache, and have fell in love with that as well. Lately I’ve really been enjoying layering over the ink on top of the paint, which I guess is probably a tip of the hat to the comic book style drawing.

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