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Madeleine Wynne

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Madeleine Wynne

Visual Arts

Madeleine Wynne is a painter from Vancouver whose art focuses on whimsical, colourful depictions of everyday landscapes. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Animation from Emily Carr University in 2014, and now works in TV animation as a Set-Up and Background Artist

She started painting live in 2012, when she was chosen to paint a bus at a Transit Convention. Since then she’s been painting at events through the lower mainland, include the Vancouver Art Battle, Harmony Arts Festival, and Parks Edge Paint off.

“I never leave the house without a camera or a box of crayons, both tools that are necessary for capturing the beauty in the landscape surrounding us. My favourite thing about sharing my art is when people tell me 'This reminds me of my Grandma's house' or 'This is just like the library I used to spend hours in as a kid?'. Because this shows me that even though I had no idea what the house or library looked like, I was able to capture its unique feeling and take people back there.”

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