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Komal Saxena

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Komal Saxena

Visual Arts

Wife, Sister, Lover of Life, Sunsets and Oceans

I am a Vancouver based artist who is just beginning her artistic career. I wish to specialize in fusion dot mandala art. Finding things that others toss aside is where the game starts. I love the challenge myself and work with artwork that requires immense patience, time and which is entirely unique. For me creating art is about being able to feel free and spontaneous.
My goal is to convey that same peace and grace to my viewers, offering a moment of pause and feeling of deep belonging.


Favorite Acrylic Color: Neon Blue
Guilty Pleasure: Singing at the top of my voice and irritating my husband
Most Inspiring Trip: Road trip through Columbia Icefield Parkway
Likes: Cheese, The beach and Summer
Dislikes: Cold Weather and Seafood

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