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Jesse Wamboldt

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Jesse Wamboldt

Visual Arts

“Strangely Beautiful”

Ever since reading these two words together I have been drawn to this concept and I try to capture this within every piece of work I create. Starting with a blank slate, as my characters take shape their story begins to unfold. With each scratch of the ink or stroke of the paintbrush depth is added to these beings and their purpose is defined.

These generally thought to be disturbing characters are often misunderstood beings whose purpose is quite the opposite of their outer appearance. Each of my characters are often there to help guide viewers through their world, or share some small curiosity.

Some of my pieces are accompanied by a short written prose, which tells a definitive story and provides narrative context to the image. Often my work touches on the mysterious realm of dark surrealism to which I leave you with twowords to ponder while you draw your own conclusions: “Strangely Beautiful”. -Jesse Wamboldt

Jesse Wamboldt:

With a style that has evolved over 20 years, Jesse’s work plays along the borders of fantasy and surrealism. Working out of her home in Burnaby, British Columbia, Jesse's work is currently held in private collections within Canada, the United States, and Europe. Working in every medium she can get her hands on she hopes to create something new, fun, and clearly imaginative.

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