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Deb Baldrey Textile Arts

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Debbie Baldrey


Born and raised in Richmond, BC, my mother taught me at an early age how to sew. I remember spending hours at the local fabric store going through the stacks of pattern books and choosing the perfect colour and texture of fabric.It was a visual and tactile adventure.
After working at Expo '86, I became a full time vagabond travelling around the world with a pack on my back experiencing different cultures. That experience really shaped me. Once a traveller, always a traveller.
Textiles took a back seat to family and career until after 20 years or corporate life, I couldn't ignore the creative burn any longer and made the jump to maker in 2019. I love feeling connected to the textiles through learning about the designer, production process, and cultural/historic significance.
Most of the textiles I work with are from a natural source; cork, wool, cotton and silk. My fabrics are collected from various sources, near and far, new and used. I support other artists by using their fabrics and hardware in my work.
The most satisfying aspect of being an artist is seeing someone else love a piece you created with all of your heart.

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