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Cynthia Wingshan Chung


I grew up with my grandparent who successfully ran an arts and crafts business. I’ve been fascinated with their techniques on shapes, colours of art work since my childhood. After finishing my medical degree and working as a physician in a general hospital for three years, I got chances to live in different cities in the States, Canada, and Hong Kong with my archeologist husband. I studied arts and pottery in Vancouver, BC and Hong Kong, visit Europe, South East Asia, and Japan. Visiting department stores, gifts and jewelry's fine arts galleries, museums always motivate me to create my own pieces. Walking around in a local community like Mount Pleasant neighborhood, seeing public arts and shrift stores also helps to find my inspirations. I enjoy Latin Dance as a hobby and that sustains my energy in wheel throwing and clay wedging. I’m very interested in the integration of cultures from West and East and the idea of my work usually started from there.
I handmade each piece at my small studio built in my home garage in Coquitlam, B.C. All clays and glazes are from local pottery distributors. They’re food safe, and microwave dishwasher safe. I would not be happier if you could share and appreciate I earthy artistic but functioning work.

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