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artfashion! by Charlie's Charmed & Olivier Salvas Artiste


Olivier Salvas is an artist and educator who specializes in arts education and the maker movement in a second language setting. Originally from Montreal, QC, Olivier moved to Vancouver, British-Columbia shortly after completing his Bachelor of Education in Teaching French as a Second Language from University of Montreal. As he embarked in his Graduate Studies in Media Studies and Curriculum at the University of British-Columbia, Olivier merged his two passions of artist and educator, and he began to create artistic work based on educational research. Olivier uses abstract paintings, photography, and various media to bring light to social causes and to foster conversations about identity and arts education. Olivier's area of research and of creation are inspired by graffiti art, street art, and urban culture. When Olivier begins an artistic collection based on his findings, he thinks of a topic in the world that resonates with him. Then, he creates a story with this event, and he creates a main character. He asks,” What would this character do, think, or say?”. Subsequently, Olivier pairs up with a photographer to create a visual story, which inspires him for the direction he wants to take artistically with his message. In 2021, Olivier has released his new collection “Flamboyant”, a series of abstract paintings with bold colors, acting as statement pieces for self-acceptance and positivity. One of the paintings from “Flamboyant”, “Sometimes I Paint Just For Fun” has won first prize at the Federation of Canadian Artists’ “Pride in Arts” Exhibition in June 2021. .Olivier has collaborating with Vancouver Biennale as an educator for the Big Ideas in Schools project since 2015 and he has joined in 2022 We Are Ocean Vanncouver, a project commissioned by Vancouver Biennale and curated by ARTPORT_making waves acting as an artist-educator alongside local indigenous artist Cease Wyss. This project is part of the global WE ARE OCEAN art project contributing to the Preparatory Phase of the UNESCO ocean Decade for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).This project continues to be showcased internationally and it was recently showed at the Venice Biennale. As an artist, Olivier currently showcases in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria, BC. You can catch Olivier as a columnist on on Radio-Canada (CBC French) and as a reporter the show OutlookTV on OutTV, reporting on 2SLGBTQ+ artists and causes across Canada. Olivier’s latest project in collaboration with Charlie’s Charmed (Eddie & Ryan Mendoza) ARTFASHION has launched with a curated piece at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in March 2022 and it is now showcased in many events and galleries across Canada

Charlie’s Charmed (Ryan & Eddie Mendoza)
[He, Him]

Eddie Mendoza is a 2S Michif from the Treaty No. 1 Territory and the Red River Settlement in the heart of the Metis Nation Homeland. Ryan Mendoza is a queer person of color who immigrated to Canada at a young age and settled in Mississauga ON, now living in Manitoba. Together married for ten years they have merged their talents and passions into creating an urban fashion accessory line. Offering a modern twist on traditional fashionable wearables, they take pride in creating a genderless line while maintaining all of their conceptual elegance.

Sitting on the Board of directors for Rainbow Resource Centre (Manitoba’s 2SLGBTQ+ Resource Centre) for seven years has given Eddie an in-depth look directly into the diversity and needs of the 2SLGBTQ+ communities. It has also been the driving force behind many inclusive campaigns and specific opportunities to give back and support their communities inclusively.

They have created a strong, visible and authentic platform that highlights who they are. It has given them the opportunity to successfully develop a collective of safe places for 2SLGBTQ+ folks to shop for their wedding. The Love is Love Collectives is a not for profit collective that works with businesses and corporations on becoming more inclusive and to promote a safe environment for the 2SLGBTQ+ community to be their authentic selves. The collective is a national collective that continues to highlight and assisted community members’ right across Canada through a vetting process to direct the community to only the safest places.

Eddie and Ryan have been able to create fashion pieces and deliver on a national and international scale. They have partnered and created custom work for the Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Manitoba Legislature, International Modelling Agencies in addition to nationally recognized Indigenous Elders and international red carpet looks. Their work can be found featured in a variety of media outlets such as Global Television, The Winnipeg Free Press and Out TV.

They have collaborated with numerous local and national fashion designers, stylist and artist. Most recently collaborating with Olivier Salvas Artiste (Olivier Salvas), a conceptual / abstract artist from Vancouver, BC with the ARTFASHION project. A project that encourages your individuality while becoming a living art installation with their ready to wear fashion. ARTFASHION had a couture piece curated in March 2022 by the Winnipeg Art Gallery as part of the Art in Bloom Festival. This project highlights Eddie and Ryan’s ability to manipulate birch wood shavings into flowers using numerous mediums, textures and colors, while adhering to the concept of someone’s journey to self-acceptance.

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