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Angela RaeAnn

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Angela RaeAnn

Visual Arts

Angela RaeAnn is a modern abstract artist who is dedicated to creating unique conversion pieces for your home or space.

After over a decade in the corporate world Angela began to experience health issues, which left her unable to leave her home. She continued to do her corporate position from home and started to doodle and color as a way to keep her mind off of her health. Angela quickly realized she had a talent and a passion for abstract drawing. After years of creation she decided to leave the corporate world behind to fully pursue her passion of bringing unique abstract art into your world.
“I've always loved abstract shapes and patterns from the youngest age I can remember. As a child I would dream of shapes and colors and wake up in a panic because I didn't know what they meant. Years later when I was getting my pilots license I would always comment about the shapes and patterns in the farmers fields (earning me very strange looks from my flight instructor).

My inspirations come from all around me. I never know if my next piece will be inspired by a dream, an object in my home or a pattern in nature. Once I begin a new piece I am always excited to see what it will become as I generally have no idea how a new piece will end up or where it is going until it is done.

Because I focus on creating abstract pieces, the art truly is in the eye of the beholder. You may see one thing where as the person next to you may see something completely different, thus starting the conversation for years to come.”

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