Olivia Burrage ( Livvy )

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Olivia Burrage

Olivia Burrage (Livvy) is Canadian born and raised in Maple Ridge B.C.

Her career in the art field began as a Commercial Signwriter. This profession eventually led her to the film industry, where she worked with her father on movie and T.V. productions, like the popular show, “ 21 JUMP STREET “

As an equine owner and artist, Livvy found herself over the years, doing commissioned paintings for other equine owners and pet owners alike.
Her work was commissioned by those who recognized her given talent, and she found herself
painting prestigious equine figures like “Royal Chocolate”, winner of the Queen’s Plate.

A self taught artist, her mediums of choice began with graphite, then watercolor, which seemed to suit her well for her commissioned work. But, as her creativity need expanding and exploring, other mediums came into play.

Much of her work has sold through private sales, but she has sold through gallery Shows as well. Although Livvy has worked with oil on canvas, pastels, water color, acrylics,
mixed media and colored pencils, she is always challenging herself, and today she is working with fluid acrylics.
Her creative abilities are bountiful and she is never afraid to take on something new. Always striving to perfect each medium.
She believes “ Creating art, opens a window to the soul,” and she is always striving to bring life into her paintings.

Though her given name is (Olivia Burrage), she signs all her paintings as “ Livvy.”

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