Farm Witch Designs

Brandy Berglund


Hi, My name is Brandy and my business name is Farm Witch Designs. I refurbish and build furniture and wall Decor. My Biz is locally based out of the Fraser Valley, which I started in 2020. I know, crazy timing, sometimes circumstances get you to take that leap. I love what I do and feel very grateful to have a platform where I am able to spread love through creation. There is a passion and joy that comes while I’m working on each piece I am creating. The first piece I refurbished was for my family & our home back in 2016. I new I had found something that gave my so much Joy. I love the concept of bringing new life to an old piece. Creating a new journey for something that may have otherwise been thrown out. We all deserve a fresh start and my refurbished pieces embody that energy. I also attach antique treasures I find to some of my pieces, bringing another element and love of mine into the mix. There is something so beautiful to me about something’s story and where it’s travelled, where it’s been, who has touched it, loved it, and created their own story with it.
My new creations symbolize pieces of my journey that have touched my heart and soul in some way. My intention is for the love that I’ve put into each piece, transcend to their new owners spaces.
I am very excited for this new journey at Pacific Arts Market!

Brandy- Farm Witch Designs

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