Exhibitions (Past & Present)

Looking for something to do in Vancouver?  Wondering where to buy local art?  Welcome to one of the best non-commission art galleries in Vancouver.


Featuring 2,419 square feet of gallery space. 60 plus art and craft artisans that offer new and creative ideas every month.   Browse a wide range of local artwork from talented artists that exhibit paintings, jewelry, pottery, photography, leather goods and other crafts. Open year-round this is one of Vancouver's most unique shopping experiences.  This Vancouver art gallery takes no commission on what is sold, the artists retain 100% of the art sales.


Discover the best place to buy art in Vancouver, BC. We are located in the heart of South Granville's shopping district.  With easy access to city transit. 




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Frequently Asked Question

As the owner of Pacific Arts Market, what is your role?


As a female business owner and entrepreneur with a background in marketing, it has been my dream to help grow and promote the local art community in Vancouver. I created Pacific Arts Market to showcase our city's local artistic talent and diversity. Local artists exhibit paintings, jewelry, pottery, photography, leather goods, woodwork and other crafts. My role is to be a catalyst that unites creative artisans with art-loving consumers. Once inside, all the unique & stunning pieces of art will speak for themselves. All Vancouverites are bound to find something that speaks to them. Passion overflows in all of these talented artists. You can’t help but be swept up with it, too.  


~ Owner Crystal Holli Cornthwaite

There are a lot of craft sales in the city. What makes Pacific Arts Market different and worthy of attending?


Professionalism in both the events and the artisans. In our 2,419 sq.ft gallery, we create a positive environment for both creative artists and art lovers to connect within our community. We host many special events including workshops, paint nights, artist talks, and exhibitions.  The vibrant Pacific Arts Market is a treasure trove of arts and crafts making it a unique shopping destination to Vancouver. A relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff, centrally located in South Granville with easy access to transit. 

Tell us a bit about the vendors displaying?


I try to get a wide variety of Artisans every month - Every vendor will be offering something special and different. Many have spent years perfecting their craft. Most of our artisans live in the Lower Mainland and are very proud to showcase their work. We have many customers who just come in to browse. I welcome this. Better still, by purchasing from Pacific Arts Market customers can feel good in the knowledge that they are supporting the local economy by directly benefiting the artists and makers.


Since we don’t take a commission from the artists, all vendors keep 100% of the sale and are free to set their own prices. 

With the increase in quality, are items now out of reach for many shoppers?


Not in the slightest. Items range from $5.00 to $3500.00. Every item is made with integrity and is unique. Beyond price, the value is outstanding. Many of our Artistic entrepreneurs represent B.C.’s most talented artists and Pacific Arts Market is helping them grow their businesses. They are quite happy to talk to you about how they got started and about their choice of medium. Plus in a city with skyrocketing rent and lack of studio space, this is an affordable solution.  

Why do consumers buy art and crafts?


Quite simply, art and crafts enrich our lives. It adds colour, texture and pleasure to the ordinary. Artisans add the human element, ‘someone made this with care and attention.’ A mug is a mug, but one purchased at a craft sale is unique, hand-painted, comes with the story of the artisan, or perhaps the memory of a day spent with friends. It is the gifts that we have received that are hand-made that we treasure the most. When you wrap cold hands around a handcrafted mug, it just may also warm your heart.